Friday, January 1, 2010

The start of a new beginning.

As the new year begins, my list of things to accomplish gets longer each day. One of the things Ive been wanting to do most is start a blog. For months Ive been putting it off. But here I am, starting my very own blog.

The past year my life has been spent creating things. No matter what Ive been doing or how much time in my day Ive had, Ive always found the time to make something. Big or small it doesn't matter. Ive always been one of those girls who's always afraid of what people might think. I'm changing that. I'm putting myself out there. I'm making things I love and Ill try to make a living doing it. Ive followed others, Ive found my inspiration, Ive found my own path. I may get lost, I might have my doubts. But its all in the risk, and I'm willing to take it.

This will be my cute little craft blog. A place for you to find inspiration. A place for me to share my own inspiration. And hopefully a place for you to enjoy.



  1. it's about time! I've been following your flickr, wondering when you were going to start blogging. :)

    welcome welcome welcome.

  2. i know i know! it's taken me forever to start my blog.

    but thank you so much! (:



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